Writing is hard. Not exactly "Building-A-Giant-Deadly-Robot" hard - but it ain't easy. 

Enter Dan and Adair; two friends who have been pushing each other up the winding road of writing for over five years. With a bi-coastal blog in the rearview and a poetry blog on the side, the duo is now cruising onto the airwaves in our newest podcast "Slow Claps and Rewrites". 

In Slow Claps and Rewrites, Adair and Dan talk about new projects, old hang-ups, how to find your muse and murder your darlings.   

Maybe it'll be great - maybe Dan will ruin it. Only time will tell. Until we know more, please listen and subscribe to Slow Claps and Rewrites on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or right here on Secret Weapon Productions. 

- SW