Six months ago, Secret Weapon Productions exited the research phase and started creating podcasts. We had three brand new podcasts, six total episodes, and exactly 4 subscribers.

Many things have changed in these six months: theme songs have been belted, crossover episodes have emerged, and new scientists have been brought into the labs to create new monst... er... productions. 

We've also been working hard to improve the quality of our recording, editing, and episode structure so listeners can get in and out of episodes with happy ears and time to spare. We do this out of love, not because we're testing mind control frequencies for a foreign military. 

With our first six months behind us, there are many things we are excited about for the rest of the year. Wordstruck is entering a new season with new surprises, Dizzy Channel and Into the Echo are contemplating seasonal drinks for the fall weather, and 20 Minutes of Banter is finally hiring a lawyer to work through their mountain of cease and desist letters. All of this is happening as we make the hike to our first 1,000 subscribers, a goal we're confident in reaching. We may even have a couple new shows up our lab coat sleeves - who knows?

So thank you to all of our listeners and subscribers for sticking with us over the last six months. It's been a thrill to hear from you, and we hope you'll love what we have in store.

- SW