Each month we interview one of our hosts  to learn about their backgrounds, projects, and passions. This month, we're getting to know Daniel Crary, the central founder and Social Media Manager of Secret Weapon Productions.

The Interview

Q: Why did you start Secret Weapon Productions?

A: I am lucky enough to have a very talented circle of friends. In the past, all of us had collaborated on plays, papers, film, or music. As many of us shifted into “the professional world,” it became clear that creative endeavors may not pay as well, but they're far healthier for our ilk. So I sent a few (too many) emails, and that’s over 100 hours of content ago.

 Q: What do you love about podcasts?

A: I have to admit, I was behind the curve on podcasts by about 3 or 10 years. But, the freedom of format and the ability to create unimpeded immediately hooked me. You can’t do a production of Little Red Riding Hood on a park bench for less than what it takes to start a podcast. The bar to entry for most people is very doable. Which makes it great for schmucks like me.


"You can’t do a production of Little Red Riding Hood on a park bench for less than what it takes to start a podcast."


Q: What have you learned in the first year with the company?

A: I don’t get Twitter, but I’m trying.

Q: What are you working on at SWP right now?

A: Co-hosting both 20 Minutes of Banter and Slow Claps and Rewrites. I’m trying to grow the company and make us a home-base people want to create out of. If I can get one more person creating a thing that previously lived in their head, I consider that a win.

Q: What are you working on outside of SWP?

A: Adair Rice (co-host of Slow Claps and Rewrites) and I have a poetry tumblr we update every Tuesday and Thursday with new original poems. I’m also writing a TV pilot and watching every episode of The Simpsons backwards in hopes of finding enlightenment.

Q: What is your favorite podcast not on SWP?

A: I am a big fan of Script Notes. One of the hosts liked a tweet I sent his way and it filled me with hope.