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Ep. 4 The Last Outpost!

The crew of the Enterprise discovers a long lost civilization! But they’ll have to contend with the Ferengi if they want to leave this outpost alive!

Cam apologizes for these creepy aliens. But Dan will have to relax and hope they get better!

Ep. 3 Code of Honor!

A racist romp through space with Lt. Yar! But does this episode have anything redeeming about it?

Cam and Dan are joined by Maia to critique this garbage fire of an episode with a little revealing backstory.

Ep. 2 The Naked Now!

Ep. 2 The Naked Now!

Picard and the crew are infected by a strange intoxicant and throw caution to the wind! Riker looks to the past Enterprise to find a cure before everyone bones!

Cameron explains how star-dates work and gets all up in the slash. Dan points out how Crusher is like McCoy and they both get drunk.

Ep. 1 Encounter At Farpoint!

Ep. 1 Encounter At Farpoint!

We’re back, with a new crew, a new Enterprise, and a new show!

Captain Jean-Luc Picard takes control of the Enterprise, but Q has other plans!

Cameron takes us into his favorite Trek, but Dan has a lot of questions!