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Daniel Crary
Co-Founder • Social Manager
Daniel is a pusher. He pushed his collaborators to form this collective, he pushed Austin through a door once, and he will usually push another drink on you. When he's not making drinks as a Bartender in New York City, Dan is writing, singing, acting, and talking in funny voices with his wonderful wife.

Productions: 20 Minutes of Banter, Slow Claps and Rewrites, The Meh Generation
Clark Hodges
Co-Founder • Technical Director
Clark is a Pokemon incarnate. He's obsessed with podcasts, rap music, tech news, and finding new coffee shops to snuggle into. If given the choice, he would probably wear a bathrobe and large headphones 24/7.

Productions: Into the Echo, Me Cook Pretty One Day, Wordstruck
Austin Logan
Co-Founder • Editor
Austin is a comedian, therapist, Master of Going to School, insanely good casserole maker, and a Montana native. He's also the cohost of 20 Minutes of Banter, and 100% of the reason why it's never 20 minutes long.

Productions: 20 Minutes of Banter
Adair Rice
Editor • Social
Adair is a writer with a fondness for Disney. A resident of Dallas she spends a majority of her time eating, kissing manatees and, of course, writing. She is co-creator and contributor to several blogs.

Productions: Dizzy Channel: Original Friendship, Slow Claps and Rewrites, Gallantly Streaming
Maia Mills-Low
Maia is a Seattle transplant that loves telling stories, watching movies, drinking with friends, and spoiling her three children. When she isn’t helping people find jobs, you can find her traveling in the TARDIS acting as the first female Doctor Who.

Productions: Dizzy Channel Original Friendship
Alyssa Small
Alyssa is a Montanan, writer, and editor. Working for the Billings Gazette as an editor, Alyssa has applied the same lean and eloquent prose she helps sculpt in the newsroom into her own personal writing. She finds herself in nature and in good community more often than most, and she can sing an alto line with the best of them.

Productions: Wordstruck
Reiley Wagenhals
Editor • Social
Reiley is a man of simple pleasures. You can usually find him reducing a risotto, stoking a sourdough starter, or baking some baklava in his Montana kitchen. When he's not slicing, dicing, and taking swigs of cooking wine, he's trail running and climbing mountains while listening to Nine Inch Nails.

Productions: Into the Echo, Me Cook Pretty One Day
Skyler Thiot
Editor • Social
Skyler Thiot can often be found wandering around the Dallas Zoo in hopes to befriend the animals. In his off time he creates beautiful images and logos that he shares with the world while listening to Ariana Grande.

Productions: Gallantly Streaming
Cameron Michael Fehring
Host • Social
Cameron is a lifelong trekkie.
When Cameron isn’t making sure that nerd, geek, and dork are fully applicable to his lifestyle, he can be found writing, enjoying adult beverages, shaping the minds of future generations, and creating new musicals.

Check out his other stuff at www.cameronmichaelfehring.com

Productions: The Meh Generation
Courtney Crary
Courtney's production "Masters of Everything" is coming soon to a Youtube near you.

Productions: Masters of Everything