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11. Netflix Presents - Romantic Comedies!

This is what Netflix was, future child!

Back from hiatus, Adair and Skyler break down To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, Set It Up, and Sierra Burgess is A Loser. Three rom coms, two hosts, and egg nog.

9. Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

Adair and Skyler break down a different kind of comedy special. 

Racism, family, and being an immigrant make for a fascinating look at the life of Hasan Minhaj.

8. Queer Eye

It's the craze that's sweeping the nation. Now your hosts are breaking down the first two seasons the one (second), the only (again, second) Queer Eye!

Episode rankings, tears, and favorite Fab Five's are swapped by Adair and Skyler in this gay romp.

7. Love

7. Love

Love is dead. 

Sorry, the TV show "Love" just finished its last season.  Adair and Skyler give you the rundown on why they and many others loved this show, and why it's worth the watch.