Every month we interview one of our hosts to learn about their backgrounds, projects, and passions. This month, we're saying hello to Clark Hodges, one of the founders of Secret Weapon Productions and co-host of Me Cook Pretty, Wordstruck and Into The Echo.

The Interview


What drew you to podcasts, and what advantage do they have for you over other forms of media?

I have a hard time focusing on visual media, but I really enjoy comedy, drama, and educational media. Podcasts offer the perfect way to consume media without having to stay in the same place or look in the same direction.

I’ve spent enough years listening to podcasts that I feel like many of my favorite hosts have become friends in a weird sense. I look forward to hearing their latest thoughts, opinions, and advice, even if we’ll never meet in real life.

“Podcasts offer the perfect way to consume media without having to stay in the same place or look in the same direction.”

What are some things you’ve learned in your first few years of making podcasts?

My inner dialogue is much more eloquent than what comes out of my mouth, so listening to myself in the edit can be frustrating. I often wish that I could go back and re-record bits, but that’s impossible so now I just take more time to think before I talk. Turns out that thinking before you talk is handy in many more situations than just podcasting.

What is your favorite episode from your podcast and why?

I’d have to share my co-host Reiley’s answer and say that the Into The Echo episode where I accidentally called him Dad was really amazing. That and the house-sorting episode of Wordstruck. It’s really cool to have these hilarious times with my close friends available for listening at any time.

What is a non Harry Potter related book you hope to review on Wordstruck?

Hmm, this one’s tricky. Alyssa and I have talked about going a few different directions in terms of book series. Redwall and The Dark Tower series are two of my favorite possible options.

Do you have a favorite thing you’ve enjoyed cooking?

I really enjoy cooking stir fry. At its baseline, stir fry is always delicious. But when I get my ratios just right and end up with the perfect stir fry, I feel like a wizened chef that makes vegetables yield to my power.

What are you working on outside of Secret Weapon Productions?

I’ve just acquired some woodworking tools, so I plan on making a coffee table and a bar cart soon. Now that it’s getting cold outside, I’m also firing up the oven to start baking again.

What’s your favorite moment from any of your podcasts?

There have been quite a few moments on Into the Echo where Reiley and I laugh until we cry, but I think my favorite moment is when we worked with the band Krystal Optiks to debut a new album. It was really neat to work in tandem with a band across the country that was just as stoked to be talking to us as we were talking to them.

Any music recommendations for the new year?

I gotta go with Bomb the Music Industry!’s album Vacation and Grant Jones’ album Nighttime Friends.

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with another member of Secret Weapon Productions who would it be and why?

Oh boy, probably Reiley. I feel like we’re similarly self-sufficient and neither of us would go crazy from the lack of people. Dan would be my close second, but he would definitely kill me within the first six months or so.

What is your favorite podcast not on SWP?

The Adventure Zone and Do By Friday are my favorite comedy podcasts. Last Podcast on the Left and My Favorite Murder are my favorite true crime podcasts.