Secret Weapon Productions proudly presents:

A Christmas Carol

We hope you enjoy our 2017 Christmas special; a modern, radio play version of Dickens' tale of redemption and love. The hosts from our current podcasts (and some yet to come) worked very hard on it. Below, in no particular order, are the cast and crew that made it possible.

Ebenezer Scrooge - Daniel Crary

Tiny Tim - Reiley Wagenhals

Bob Cratchit - Clark Hodges

Mrs. Cratchit - Alyssa Small

Fred - Cameron Fehring

Jacob Marley -  Austin A Logan

The Ghost of Christmas Past - Adair Rice

The Ghost of Christmas Present - Maia Mills-Low

Belle - Courtney Crary

Fezziwig - Reiley Wagenhals

The Portly Gentlemen - Maia Mills-Low & Adair Rice

The Bullies - Austin A Logan

Fan - Courtney Crary

Narrator - Daniel Crary


Written by Daniel Crary

Co-Written by Austin A Logan

Edited by Courtney Crary & Adair Rice


Audio Editing by Daniel Crary & Austin A Logan

Audio Engineering by Clark Hodges

Music by Cameron Fehring

Produced by Daniel Crary


This production is dedicated, with love, to Floyd


Copyright 2017, All rights reserved.